We are the inventors of domain space auto-installers.

  1. The first version of Fantastico was deployed in February 2002. It ran only in a cPanel environment for Linux servers, included only 4 scripts and it was welcomed enthusiastically by the cPanel community.
  2. A revised version including 40+ installable scripts was released in December 2003.
  3. A complete rewrite was released in December 2013. Fantastico F3 is capable of installing hundreds of scripts, offers several advanced features and the ability to update included scripts within hours. Since the release of Fantastico F3, no other auto-installer could compete in terms of staying up-to-date with the installable scripts

Most up-to-date auto-installer

August 28, 2020 — Starting with Fantastico F3 v4.7 released today, bloggers are offered an optional selection of 42 themely.com themes to choose from with every new WordPress installation. Try it now by opening your Fantastico F3, going to WordPress new installation and clicking on "Install a Themely theme"
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