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Fantastico F3

Netenberg invented the easy script auto-installer in 2001. Millions of webmasters have now learned how to install web applications with the click of a button, thanks to Fantastico. Users have saved incredible amounts of time and money using our product and it is still the number 1 script auto-installer on the planet. Now Netenberg is poised to reinvent the principles of script auto-installation. We are proud to announce the beta release of Fantastico F3!


Rewritten from the ground up, Fantastico F3 is a contemporary application that is both fast and flexible, ready to help everyone rediscover the joys of simple yet powerful auto-installation.


Fantastico F3 works with cPanel as it always has, but coming soon, F3 will support other web hosting control panels as well, thanks to its highly portable and modular code base.

Save Bandwidth

Big server farms will appreciate the fact that you can install Fantastico F3 and all associated files from an internal repository.

Instant Updates

And that's not all! Fantastico F3 makes it possible to upgrade as soon as a script update is provided by the script developer. You no longer have to wait for updates from Netenberg.


A totally open architecture will enable every author to make their web applications Fantastico-ready. You as server owner will decide which of hundreds and possibly thousands of web applications will be available to your users. You can even make your own organization's applications Fantastico-ready and put them to the servers of your organization - without intervention from Netenberg. A new feature allows you to install in any subdirectory. Try this with any of the more than 200 scripts that Fantastico F3 comes packed with.


Fantastico F3 will offer so many new and refined features it is impossible to list them all here. Here are a few more highlights, however:

  • Improved script installation flexibility. Install scripts in parked or add on domains or as deep inside your web root directory as you wish. Fantastico even supports split installs where certain data directories are stored in a different location than the main script (for example outside of the domain's web root directory) if the script being installed also supports that.
  • Support for the creation of cross-script bridges (if the scripts themselves support it). For example, move from Mambo to Joomla or SMF to phpBB, etc.
  • Support for scripts that require two or more databases.
  • Support for on-the-fly license key generation for commercial scripts that want to be integrated into Fantastico F3.
  • Automatic (but overridable) system requirement checking. Fantastico F3 won't offer to install a script unless it detects an environment that meets the scripts basic system requirements.
  • Better archive management of source script files to save space.
  • Improved translation and full theming support. Web hosts can now completely retheme Fantastico F3 using Twig ( ), no knowledge of PHP required.
  • Install scripts via SSH.
  • So much more...

Try it now

All customers with an active Fantastico license can now activate a free license for Fantastico F3 beta. Please note that while in beta, Fantastico F3 will continue to evolve based on your feedback. Install it, explore it, play with it. And when you are done testing, send your suggestions to Once the beta test is successfully completed, Fantastico v2 will be discontinued and Fantastico F3 will be made available to all customers with active Fantastico v2 licenses at no additional charge (you must have a currently active license for Fantastico to qualify).

You can install Fantastico F3 on a currently licensed server alongside Fantastico v2. Or log into your account and activate a license for a non-production server (you can do so on the main screen when logged in).

Follow these instructions to install: