Fantastico F3

17 years of fantastic comfort

651 scripts to choose from

Quickly install fully-configured Fantastico F3 across thousands of servers

Add your custom scripts datacenter-wide

Modular, extendable, brandable

Core Features

Instant Updates

Fantastico F3 makes it possible to upgrade as soon as a script update is provided by the script developer. You no longer have to wait for updates from Netenberg.

Bandwidth Saving

Big server farms will appreciate the fact that you can install Fantastico F3 and all associated files from an internal repository.

Flexible Installation

Install scripts in parked or add on domains or as deep inside your web root directory as you wish. Fantastico F3 even supports split installs where certain data directories are stored in a different location than the main script (for example outside of the domain's web root directory) if the script being installed also supports that.

Open Architecture

A totally open architecture enables every author to make their web applications Fantastico F3-ready. You as server owner will decide which of hundreds and possibly thousands of web applications will be available to your users. You can even make your own organization's applications Fantastico F3-ready and put them to the servers of your organization - without intervention from Netenberg.