Datacenters licenses

The prices below are exclusively for pre-installation on dedicated servers offered by Datacenters. The Datacenter (NOC) is the legal owner of the licenses which may not be transferred nor may they be resold to third parties (nor to their dedicated servers customers). The Datacenter's (NOC) rights include the transfer of the rights of use to their own clients.
Licenses can be renewed by the Datacenter (NOC) (according to the prices below).

Monthly licensing

Pay a monthly fee for your server-wide licenses. All domains of a licensed server can use the software.

  • up to 500 licenses: 1.00 USD each monthly (MINIMUM 50$)
  • more than 500 licenses: 0.90 USD each monthly (up to 2000 licenses, maximum: 1800)
  • more than 2000 licenses: 0.80 USD each monthly

  • up to 500 licenses: 0.50 USD each monthly (MINIMUM 50$)
  • more than 500 licenses: 0.40 USD each monthly (up to 2000 licenses, maximum: 1800)
  • more than 2000 licenses: 0.30 USD each monthly


- The above fees are monthly license fees and include all updates during the time the licenses are active.
- Billing on 1st of a month for all IPs used for at least 3 days during the previous month.


Q: Is monthly licensing available for smaller quantities?
A: The smallest package (up to 50 licenses) covers all quantities up to 50 licenses. It applies for initial need of 5, 10, 20 etc licenses. There is no discount on the minimum monthly fee regardless of the number of licenses you may have activated.

Q: Is mass pre-purchase available for smaller quantities?
A: No. For quantities smaller than 20 please purchase through our online shop.

Q: How do I get listed on the "Partners" block of the main page?
A: This listing is reserved for partners with a direct contract with us and with 500 or more licenses.

Q: Can I get lower prices?
A: No. We respect our partners and therefore we want to guarantee equal prices for all of them.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: We accept Credit Card payments through 2Checkout.com and also PayPal payments. We DO NOT accept Cheques!

Contact us at sales (at) netenberg (dot) com for more information.

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