How can I update Fantastico F3 if it is already installed?

Typically, Fantastico F3 sets up a cron job on your system to automatically update itself on a regular basis. However, if the cron job is missing or if you prefer to handle the process yourself, you can do that as follows:


Setting up a cron job to update Fantastico F3:

If you don't already have a cron job set up to upgrade Fantastico, you can add it manually. To do this, you should be logged into your server via SSH as root. Then execute the following command to edit the root cron to add a new job:

crontab -e

Now add the following line:

4 3 * * * cd /var/netenberg/fantastico_f3/sources && /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/bin/php index.php crontab 2>&1

the cron job line listed above will attempt to update Fantastico F3 at 3:04 AM every day local server time. We strongly recommend that you edit the cron job to execute at a random time during off-peak hours.

Make sure the cron process is running on your server or no cron jobs will be executed:

/sbin/service cron status

If it is not running or you think it is not running properly, you can restart it like this:

/sbin/service cron restart


Manually updating Fantastico F3 via the command line:

Make sure you are logged into your server via SSH as root before you run the following commands:

cd /var/netenberg/fantastico_f3/sources && /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/bin/php index.php update

cd /var/netenberg/fantastico_f3/sources && /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/bin/php index.php scripts

That will immediately update the core Fantastico F3 files and then upgrade the installed master script files. Both commands must be run to successfully complete an upgrade to Fantastico F3, though they can be run separately if you are certain one or the other is already up-to-date.

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