How do I install Fantastico De Luxe v2.x (Fantastico Classic)?

This is where the installation directions for our older, classic version of Fantastico v2.x appeared. It has been superceeded by Fantastico F3. If you'd like to install Fantastico F3, please see those installation directions HERE. The older version of Fantastico De Luxe WILL NOT WORK with modern versions of cPanel and no support or updates are provided for this software. Please migrate to Fantastico F3 if you have not done so already.


Please uninstall Fantastico De Luxe after upgrading to Fantastico F3 if Fantastico De Luxe is currently on your server. You can find the uninistallation directions for Fantastico De Luxe HERE.


2016-03-18 15:07 Netenberg Staff {writeRevision}
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