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License variation:


Fantastico F3

Please read the installation guide before ordering.

Renewal Fee:

- An eternal license does not need renewal and is valid for the life of the server.
- Annual renewal fee for regular licenses: 29$.
- Annual renewal fee for VPS licenses: 9$ (only for cPanel).


- You need one license per server. A license is valid for servers operated by you. Each license is valid for unlimited domains hosted on this server. A license may not be resold. Multiple licenses purchase may not be shared between group of individuals or companies.
- You need root access to install this software.
- VPS licenses are only available for cPanel.


After your order has been validated (which may take from some minutes to few hours), please follow these installation instructions: Panel versions or Panel-less version.
A license can be renewed within 3 months after it has expired. Even when renewed after its expiration date, the renewal fee will cover the period for one year starting from the date of last expiration date.
All licenses include support and updates and expire after ONE YEAR.
We have a 15 days no questions Money Back Guarantee for Fantastico F3 if your expectations are not met.

August 28, 2020 — Starting with Fantastico F3 v4.7 released today, bloggers are offered an optional selection of 42 themely.com themes to choose from with every new WordPress installation. Try it now by opening your Fantastico F3, going to WordPress new installation and clicking on "Install a Themely theme"
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