How do I use a single Fantastico F3 install to manage many others?

You use our new Cloner tool.

Cloner Tool


Fantastico F3 has been designed with centralization in mind so you can manage hundreds of Fantastico F3 installs from a single location. The Cloner tool is one key part of this centralization effort. It allows you to edit the Fantastico F3 settings on a single server and then have those settings copied over to hundreds of other servers.


NOTE: To use the Cloner tool you must enable secured root access from your central server to all of the other servers you want to manage this way. The best way to do this is to create an SSH key on the central server and then copy over the public key to the servers you want to manage. If you aren't familiar with how to securely set this up, we do not recommend that you use the Cloner tool. For security, do not put root passwords in this tool.


Once you have secure access set up for the servers you want to manage, place one connection string per line in the (1) Servers text box. It should be listed like this: root@other.server.hosname:port# - Examples:


Once done, click the Submit button to save your changes.


If this has been properly configured, then any settings changes (including features sets) will be automatically copied over to the other managed servers. If you manually make changes to a managed server, those changes will be overwritten the next time you make changes on the central server.

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