I'm having problems with Fantastico F3. How can I fix them?

If you are having problems with Fantastico F3, first make absolutely sure that the problem isn't with cPanel itself or the user account. If the account is out of resources, is corrupted or cPanel itself is having problems, these things will directly affect Fantastico F3. You may want to try the following before attempting to repair Fantastico F3. Log into your server via SSH as root before running any of the following commands:

/scripts/check_cpanel_rpms --fix
/scripts/upcp --force

If everything is fine with cPanel and the account itself, then you can run the following via SSH as root to attempt to repair Fantastico F3 itself:

cd /var/netenberg/fantastico_f3/sources && /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/bin/php index.php optimize


This will check Fantastico itself and attempt to repair any issues it finds.

If these steps fail, please open a support ticket with us via your netenberg.com user account and provide us as much information as possible about the specific issue you are having.

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