What are the system requirements for ClickBe! ?

The requirements for use of Click Be! on a server are as follows:

OS: Any modern version of Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD or Unix

OS Permissions: The following OS items (or their equivalents) should have root execution permitted (700+):

  • chgrp
  • chown
  • cp
  • crontab (if you need cron functionality)
  • ln
  • mv
  • rm
  • tar
  • wget

The following require world execution permission (generally 755):

  • chmod
  • convert (if using ImageMagick)
  • mkdir

Web server: Apache 2.x or later (other web servers may work, but have not been tested)

PHP: PHP 4 or 5 (up to PHP 5.3.x)

PHP Modules: GD2 or ImageMagick, DOM/XML, DOM/XSLT, Zend Optimizer (PHP <5.3) or Zend Guard (PHP 5.3 or higher)

PHP Settings/Functions: exec must be permitted. The following are recommended, though you may be able to get Click Be! to work with slightly different settings:

  • default_charset = UTF-8
  • file_uploads = On
  •  magic_quotes_gpc = Off
  • magic_quotes_runtime = Off
  • memory_limit = 128M

Additional notes:

  • If you use Open Basedir protection, then either/var/netenberg/ should be in the allowed path OR you should enable the suexec option in the Click Be! configuration and Click Be! will then copy 100% of the needed files into the web root for each install of Click Be! on the server.
  • If you use cPanel, then Click Be! will automatically attempt to integrate itself with that control panel. Other control panels can install or remove Click Be! via the command line into the web root of an account.
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